Light Duty

The A.T.R. Logistics fleet of flatdecks is on the highways of our city, region, and province every day, delivering a wide variety of vehicles and equipment to their destinations. We offer special tie-down equipment for motorcycles, removable rails for wider loads, and wheel lifts for multiple vehicle transport.

Wider, longer, heavier vehicles are no problem for A.T.R.. In most cases we can send the right flatdeck on its way to you within minutes of your call.  We have a fleet of trucks available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to handle all of your towing, recovery, and transport needs.

Medium Duty

Our light duty wrecker is able to assist with towing a wide array of vehicles, such as 16 passenger vans, cube vans, step vans, small and large buses, box trucks, ambulances, dually pickups, tractors and utility trucks. We contract with several companies that depend on our medium duty service on a daily basis.  Our medium duty drivers are constantly training to assure that your medium duty unit is dealt with promptly and with the greatest care, regardless of the incident.

With our new state of the art Medium Duty Wrecker, we have the ability to go anywhere at any time to rescue your equipment. We understand that when one of your trucks is disabled, your bottom line is at risk. Our medium-duty tow truck hauls most large vehicles including tractor trailers, school buses, dump trucks, motor homes, construction equipment, straight trucks, fire and emergency trucks.  After providing service for over 5 years, A.T.R.  knows the importance of getting our customers trucks back on the road.


Accidents happen every day, it’s a fact of life. When it comes these situations, there is often a lot of confusion and anxiety in a very short time span. The best way to prepare for these situations is to plan ahead. We pride ourselves on handling even the most challenging of recoveries. Our tow operators are trained to be problem solvers, which makes no incident too difficult. If you find yourself in need of recovery services, one call to us will end your troubles.

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